Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finally, Google is copying Apple

                       Over the last few months, Google has been devising a new strategy to push its Android Operating System on various phone manufacturers. At the same time, it is also advertising its own brand of phone 'Nexus' and the 'Moto' series with full force. How do we understand this behavior of Google vis-a-vis Apple?

                      Well, Google began challenging Apple's iPhone in 2008 by saying that Apple. by tying its hardware and software into one coherent unit was denying people 'freedom'. It was forcing users to remain caged in its own garden and not allowing them to explore other options. Android, on the other hand, was a free software. It could be used by any phone manufacturer to power its device. In this way, Android was not only giving people the freedom to choose but was also reducing the cost of handsets. Google stood as a lone warrior against Apple's 'Hegemony'.

                      However, in the recent past, Google has taken a you turn. Strangely, it is now selling the fact that Nexus and Moto phones will receive Android updates faster than other Android phones. It is also asking phone manufacturers to use only stock Android on their devices and is paying them for it. Evidently, users were tired of apps not working on Android devices. Games crashed, lagged in frames, displays were weak - The list is endless. Google is definitely aware of the problem. And what solution does it have? Bring the hardware and software together! The same 'crime' which it has been accusing Apple of committing since the launch of the first iPhone. Eventually, Google is just trying to become another Apple.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Why I bought an iPhone?

               Having used an Android phone for more than 3 years, I have been pretty impressed with its battle against Apple. Android as a software is independent and companies can make their own smartphones which would be powered by Android.

              I was looking for a new phone and had narrowed down my search to three phones - Nexus 5, HTC Desire 616 and iPhone 4S. Almost till the end, I had zeroed down to the Nexus 5. But at the last moment, I decided to take a serious look at my 'requirements'. These were:
  • A really nice, bright display
  • Graphics which can handle HD games
  • Smooth user interface
  • Adequate memory
  • Affordable price tag
I had a hands-on on various High end Android devices and none of them could match up to the first three requirements. And then, I decided to go for the iPhone 4S because it was fulfilling all my requirements except the second last. Going for a higher memory device would have increased the price and made the phone out of budget.

So what have I learnt? That don't go on specs like quad core, octa core, 20 megapixel, ppi, etc.

All these numbers are only to fool us. They have no meaning. All the highest specifications of a high end Android Phone cannot match to a three generation old iPhone.

But iPhone has its limitations. It is not customizable. It is very rigid. We have to use it the way it has been shipped. It may not boast of all the tall numbers simply because it is not concerned with them. Rather, it is actually concerned with performance which it delivers. I would extra-polate and say that Apple products should not be compared for specifications. Rather, they should be compared on the grounds of performance and user-experience which is unmatchable.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

First poem in 2014

आहटें आज भी हैं,
फुसफुसाहट अभी भी है

वर्त्तमान काल में धब्बे आज भी हैं,
वायु में खुशबु आज भी है

कभी देखती है छुपकर,
कभी प्यार से बुलाती है

घबराऊंगा नहीं - ये हर बार सोचता हूँ,
करूँगा सामना  - ये हर बार सोचता हूँ

वो वक़्त जब मैं हुआ करता था हैरान,
और मन की अवस्था थी विचलित

लोगों की भीड़ में लेकर घूमता हूँ वो चिराग,
जिसमे है उस समय कि हैवानियत

और रखता हूँ काबू खुदपर,
कि कहीं उस चिराग को रगड़ न दूं