Monday, August 5, 2013

Masochism and Perfection

Human beings are masochists at heart. We revel in giving pain to others. When someone starts paying attention to a person and the person has no intention of returning the attention back, then in that case, he will start behaving in such a manner so that the other person (Attention giver) writhes in pain.

Perhaps, this explains why we torture people whom we intend to kill. We have this urge to see people wallow in pain in front of our eyes. Human beings are the only species known in the world which systematically kills its own kind. The cruel happiness one derives from seeing the other person in pain is insatiable. This could be because the pain giver is under control of the situation and can decide on varying the amount of pain. This gives the person a thrill, a kick which is unmatched.

The pain giver forgets that he too could be in a similar situation in future. He too could be at the mercy of someone else. However, if we learnt this, we will cease to be humans with all our complexities. It is the sadness, regret, pain and nostalgia which we romanticize in our lives. All our art comes from these sources. Art also creates the magical world of perfection. A dream world where everything is white and pristine. It forgets that such a world is devoid of all emotions.

Such a world cannot be filled with humans. Human beings can thrive only in places where there is imperfection and they use emotion to perpetuate it.

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