Thursday, July 11, 2013

State of mind and other trivial matters

As we become more and more aware of our surroundings, we realize that our mind is a huge sink with no drainage facility. It keeps on accumulating words, sentences, experiences, feelings, images, etc and then presents to us in the form of nostalgia.

One of the most formidable weapons in the mind's repertoire is its ability to romanticize our past experiences. We may undergo many excruciating personal experiences in our life. However, the mind has the ability to pack these moments in a box of nostalgia and serve us.

Another great art possessed by the mind is its ability to make the person feel that the decisions taken/not taken by her have all been very wrong. Instead, she should have done the opposite. This art has the fantastic capability to "trap" a person in a seamless cage. Most importantly, the mind feeds on this cage by using the first technique of making memories nostalgic.

Together, these methods constitute much of our personal social experiences. Films, stories, poems, mythologies and all other forms of literary art find their roots in the above two methods of the mind.

Is there a way for us to circumvent these two ways and live a life independent of the shackles of mind? Probably, there is. And I need my mind to "think" of that solution.

P.S. Maybe my heart can help.

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