Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebration of festivals and other addictions

So how come festivals play a huge role in out lives? Everyone from a billionaire to a beggar sets the timetable of their year around festivals. What makes people 'forget' their mundane life and delve into celebration?

The very understanding that the day after the festival is going to leave you with a few pennies less and even worse, going to remind you that you have to get back to the drabness once again is horrible.

In the longer run, I believe it is not an act of indulgence to celebrate a festival. Neither is it about being spendthrift.

Celebration of festivals is an act of bringing a smile on your loved ones faces. We celebrate festivals so that our loved ones can say that they had a wonderful time with us. They may feel that someone out there is working very hard so that we can be happy.

So, its not about religion, tradition or money. It's about love, stupid.

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