Saturday, November 17, 2012

A morning to remember

There are some days (and nights) which we just dont forget in our lives. No matter how far we go, the memory of time cannot erase these moments. Yesterday morning was one such time in my life.

I had been planning to take two different types of photographs for a long time. One was to photograph railway tracks and the other was to take photographs of a picturesque neighbourhood near Deep Bungla chowk.

The power went off at around 4 in the morning and before long, mosquitoes started playing hide and seek around my ears. By 4:30, it was impossible for me to sleep. I woke up, pulled on a pair of black jeans and a sleeveless sweater, grabbed my phone and went out for the railway station.

The sub-urban railway station of Shivajinagar bore a quiet look as expected in the wee hours. I did a quick inspection of the railway station to identify good spots of taking pictures of railway tracks.

As it was still time for dawn to break, I went out of the railway station and had some breakfast. Soon, as it was clear that the first tinge of light would colour the sky, I made it back to the platform. I went to a Foot-over-bridge and took a few photographs.

Later, I realized that there was a flyover which overlooked the railway tracks and which, in fact, would give a much better view. So, I went to the flyover and although, it was pretty much morning by that time, I was able to take some really good pictures.

It was time to go to the beautiful neighbourhood which was fortunately close to the railway station. The moment I saw the beautiful road and the lofty trees lining the neighbourhood, I was transfixed. Soon, I was clicking pictures all around. I took pictures to my heart's content and was about to hire an auto to go back to my room when I heard some music. At first, it sounded like some loudspeaker was playing a CD.

However, it seemed a lie. The 'human voice' was so distinct that it couldn't be eschewed. I walked towards the direction of the sound and couldn't believe in my wildest dreams of what I was about to experience.

There was a classical music concert happening right in the middle of a local park at around 6:30 in the morning! There was a stage on which the singers were stationed. There were chairs in front and more than 100 people were intently listening. I felt this was just a dream. Almost the entire audience consisted of elderly couples. I took a lonely chair in a corner. I could feel the gaze of the senior citizens on me. I felt like an outcast in the crowd. Nevertheless, the music was great.

Concerts are always special. They are a sort of addiction. They make you forget the reality of the present and submerge you in an altogether different plane for a few hours. But concerts have their own timing and location. We mostly associate them with open grounds or auditoriums. Events are mostly held in evenings. The very idea of listening to Indian classical music in the morning seated in a park full of trees was too overwhelming to be true.

But here I was, living the dream. The crowd continued to swell and soon there were about 200 people in the park.

As it turned out, the concert happened to be a more fulfilling experience than the photographs. This was one of the mornings to remember.

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