Saturday, November 10, 2012

A few good movies

I had the good chance of watching quite a few really good films in the last week. The first among them was Taxi to the dark side. It is a documentary and talks about the torture meted out by the US army on Afghani civilians after detaining them. It won the Academy award for Best Documentary feature film in 2007.

The movie recounts the experience of actual US army men who explained what 'techniques' they used to torture the prisoners. They would have never wanted to do this in their real lives but were forced by politicians and seniors who demanded 'information'.

This was followed by the subtle yet amazing Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. The movie in terms of plot has nothing to offer. In fact, after watching both the films, I felt as if the writer and director had read all the books in the world, juiced out their gist and presented in screenplay format.

The good part about these two films was that they showcased real, first hand experience of people in 20s and early 30s and their reflection on life. An amazing quote in the Before Sunset was, "When you are young, you feel you can connect with everyone. It is only a little later in life you realize that you connect with only a few." It was satisfying to understand that life is same all over the world (Yes, even in developed nations). Everybody is surrounded by their own set of fears and nightmares. Everybody messes up their relationships and work-life.

This doesn't mean that their is no hope. As the protagonist in Before Sunset says, the real enjoyment is in the process and not the goal.

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