Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Organized religion

The basic building block of today's society is organized religion. The entire social life of a city or a village is governed by it. Right from morning prayers to various festivals, organized religion, like an underground mafia, controls the heartbeat of the society.

And just like big corporations, Organized religion is ruthless towards anyone who opposes or disagrees with it. The slightest hint of protest lines up everyone in the society against you. All forms of democracy are forgotten and you are force fed the soup you don't want.

So what about those who don't wish to be a part of this 'nirvana'?

What if you don't want to listen to early morning holy prayers churned by the loud speakers with a generous dose of high volume? Protest but only at your own risk. And be assured, you would be alone. The very same society is paranoid about loud music being played at night and is ready to block it with every possible tool at hand.

All sorts of government machinery comes to a halt when it comes to matters of faith. We have come to a position where we long to create 'Groups'. The very word is a negative connotation of bullying. And Groups are everywhere. They are in real life, on Facebook and in Circles on Google. They make you feel like an outsider. Someone less privileged.

Organized religion is probably the biggest group in the world. And you could be in serious trouble if you are not a part of it. You would become more than an outcast.

Till there are enough people in a society to challenge this group, please bear the morning prayers blaring out of loudspeakers.

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