Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life after depression

                                   So, how is life after depression? Almost each one of us undergoes some form of depression in our lives at some point of time. Depression can engulf you in many ways. It could be due to an unsuccessful relationship you desperately wanted to work. It could be an unpleasant job in office which you despise. Bullying, bad phase in a relationship, etc can be the other participants.

                                   However, this post isn't about how life seems when a person is depressed. Neither is it about curing depression. Most of the times, we come out of depression when its cause is no longer a part of our life. The person whom you wanted to be a part of your life finally leaves forever, the job you hated bids you goodbye, the people who bullied you cease to be a presence in your life.

                                  What happens to a person after he comes out of depression? How does his life change? In most cases, people become repressive. They adopt multiple filters to view the world. They become careful when they meet new people. They try to make sure that they don't "open up" more than required. Each and every action becomes a carefully calculated step. This way of living life get ingrained in your DNA and you can't get away with it. People forget that they have started behaving in this way. And they look back at the time before depression in a nostalgic way, reminiscing their own carefree attitude and the unhindered laughter.

                                 Slowly, this nervousness and fear becomes a part of your daily life. You start saving for the future, turn terribly god fearing and view every new thing suspiciously. Probably this is the reason people fail to have a healthy relationship with their children. They despise the smile and can-do attitude of the  pure mind and body of their children. They warn them at every step instead of encouraging them. They can't help it.

                                 The child grows up hating his parents. And one fine day, life takes a terrible turn of events. Depression embraces the child like a devil. And the child changes forever after the rendezvous with the devil only to become another repressive adult. Time to repeat the cycle..

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