Thursday, October 4, 2012

Films: Modern day vice

Movies are a modern day vice. Ever since film making was invented, it has nothing but paralyzed the humans. Once a movie starts, the brain loses contact from the rest of the body. The mind becomes a prisoner of the screen and the soul starts to feed itself via the motion picture.

And films are very addictive. People lose interest in movies and stop watching them. And then, they come back and get hooked again.

It is said that movies can change lives and societies. This is nothing but a clever way of promoting a film and luring audiences to the theatres.

We hardly take back anything from films to our homes except entertainment. Even the so-called art films fail to move us beyond the moment the film finishes. It is like a dream suddenly coming to an end.

Only those people benefit from watching movies who are or want to become a part of the film industry.

The rest of the crowd simply plugs into an addiction for a couple of hours to drown its daily cacophony of life. 

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