Friday, October 19, 2012

Plugging our brains

We have this eerie habbit of plugging our brains to things, which paradoxically, paralyze it. Chief among them are:

  1. Cable TV
  2. Movies
  3. Music
  4. Internet
  5. Alcohol & Drugs

All the above have the amazing capability of making us immobile.

Ever seen people watching TV in living rooms? They just can't move. A man intently watching cable TV is no different from a man who is a quarter down. They both are far from their logical reasoning and have become merely slaves in the hands of their master.

We have this constant urge to plug ourselves to any of the above mentioned addictions. The moment we are not doing anything which is a part of daily activities, we immediately bond ourselves with them.

The reason(s) for chaining ourselves to these addictions are one too many and have been documented very well. One of them being that these things enable us to reach a state of mood where we can wallow in self-pity or identify with our inner selves, albeit for a brief duration of time, before reality breaks the stupor of this madness.

There can never be an end to this addiction. And we pride in calling human beings as the "Thinking Species".

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life after depression

                                   So, how is life after depression? Almost each one of us undergoes some form of depression in our lives at some point of time. Depression can engulf you in many ways. It could be due to an unsuccessful relationship you desperately wanted to work. It could be an unpleasant job in office which you despise. Bullying, bad phase in a relationship, etc can be the other participants.

                                   However, this post isn't about how life seems when a person is depressed. Neither is it about curing depression. Most of the times, we come out of depression when its cause is no longer a part of our life. The person whom you wanted to be a part of your life finally leaves forever, the job you hated bids you goodbye, the people who bullied you cease to be a presence in your life.

                                  What happens to a person after he comes out of depression? How does his life change? In most cases, people become repressive. They adopt multiple filters to view the world. They become careful when they meet new people. They try to make sure that they don't "open up" more than required. Each and every action becomes a carefully calculated step. This way of living life get ingrained in your DNA and you can't get away with it. People forget that they have started behaving in this way. And they look back at the time before depression in a nostalgic way, reminiscing their own carefree attitude and the unhindered laughter.

                                 Slowly, this nervousness and fear becomes a part of your daily life. You start saving for the future, turn terribly god fearing and view every new thing suspiciously. Probably this is the reason people fail to have a healthy relationship with their children. They despise the smile and can-do attitude of the  pure mind and body of their children. They warn them at every step instead of encouraging them. They can't help it.

                                 The child grows up hating his parents. And one fine day, life takes a terrible turn of events. Depression embraces the child like a devil. And the child changes forever after the rendezvous with the devil only to become another repressive adult. Time to repeat the cycle..

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Organized religion

The basic building block of today's society is organized religion. The entire social life of a city or a village is governed by it. Right from morning prayers to various festivals, organized religion, like an underground mafia, controls the heartbeat of the society.

And just like big corporations, Organized religion is ruthless towards anyone who opposes or disagrees with it. The slightest hint of protest lines up everyone in the society against you. All forms of democracy are forgotten and you are force fed the soup you don't want.

So what about those who don't wish to be a part of this 'nirvana'?

What if you don't want to listen to early morning holy prayers churned by the loud speakers with a generous dose of high volume? Protest but only at your own risk. And be assured, you would be alone. The very same society is paranoid about loud music being played at night and is ready to block it with every possible tool at hand.

All sorts of government machinery comes to a halt when it comes to matters of faith. We have come to a position where we long to create 'Groups'. The very word is a negative connotation of bullying. And Groups are everywhere. They are in real life, on Facebook and in Circles on Google. They make you feel like an outsider. Someone less privileged.

Organized religion is probably the biggest group in the world. And you could be in serious trouble if you are not a part of it. You would become more than an outcast.

Till there are enough people in a society to challenge this group, please bear the morning prayers blaring out of loudspeakers.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Films: Modern day vice

Movies are a modern day vice. Ever since film making was invented, it has nothing but paralyzed the humans. Once a movie starts, the brain loses contact from the rest of the body. The mind becomes a prisoner of the screen and the soul starts to feed itself via the motion picture.

And films are very addictive. People lose interest in movies and stop watching them. And then, they come back and get hooked again.

It is said that movies can change lives and societies. This is nothing but a clever way of promoting a film and luring audiences to the theatres.

We hardly take back anything from films to our homes except entertainment. Even the so-called art films fail to move us beyond the moment the film finishes. It is like a dream suddenly coming to an end.

Only those people benefit from watching movies who are or want to become a part of the film industry.

The rest of the crowd simply plugs into an addiction for a couple of hours to drown its daily cacophony of life. 

I am not dead..not yet