Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do Women need a man to Live in this world?

I recently watched Agneepath. A solid entertainer. Amazing performances by the entire star cast. And really loud, ear shattering background score.

But this post isn't a review of the Karan Johar film. While watching the film, I came across a point where Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor) has kidnapped Vijay Dinanath Chauhan's (Hrithik Roshan) sister.

He is holding his sister ransom in front of a huge crowd and running an auction to sell off the girl. There is a loud  drama all round with cries of evil laughter. People are increasing the amount of money they want to pay for the girl.

In the midst of all this, out of the blue - drums start beating, chorus gets louder and Vijay Chauhan bursts on the screen. He is seen killing people coming in his way. He finally reaches the place where his sister is being held. A fight ensues and (spoiler alert!!) he kills Rauf Lala.

The point here is - What would have happened to that girl, if she did not have the muscle wielding Hrtihik as her brother?

She would have easily become a prostitute.

And the sad part is, countless girls become victims of this trade every year, disappearing never to be seen again.

So, what do girls do? How to "save" themselves in this cruel world? Why is power seen as some body who can kill others without any fear?

A documentary Pita, Putra Aur Dharamyuddh presents some more questions on this.


  1. //What would have happened to that girl, if she did not have the muscle wielding Hrtihik as her brother?// A very relevant question! And what kind of society allows and tolerates selling of some of it's members.

    Is the documentary available for viewing? While reading about it I realised, once again, that we live in very intolerant times.

  2. Unfortunately, we live in such a society.

    I'd request you to write a post on this topic on your blog whenever you get time. You can use my blog post for reference.

    I downloaded the documentary from the internet. Here is the link: