Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Singham - Is it dangerous?

Singham is a powerful film in many ways. And it entertains too.

The high packed action and the punchy dialogues dot the movie. Ajay Devgn completely fits into the character of the protoganist. He plays a role which could have easily gone horribly wrong (Remember Yuva?).

And Prakash Raj gives another cracking performance after Wanted. Be ready to see him nominated in the best villain category at many award functions this year.

But sadly, Singham stops at just that. A tale of blood, fight and gore. And it sets a dangerous precedent.

Let me explain.

Singham talks about the police force of India and the nexus of politicians and the police.
It exposes the utterly corrupt police force and its myriad in inefficiencies.

But it does not offer any solution. Instead, it spews the dangerous venom of eye for an eye.

Prakash Raj manages to get a policeman kill himself under stress over false corruption charges.

And when Ajay Devgn challenges Raj, he threatens by getting him transferred to Goa. In a scene, he barges into the police station where Devgn works and promises him a 1000 deaths.

Eventually, Devgn gets the better of Raj.

But here is the turning point. The movie glorifies the blood for blood adage. Raj is killed by Devgn in the same police station and in the presence of all the police officers (Including the DGP).

Where is the judiciary? What happened to the judges?

Is the film suggesting that the only way to eliminate organized crime is by blind killing and the law has no role to play in it? The police man is reduced to just a killer in uniform.

But Singham is not supposed to answer such questions. It is a "masala" film. And did we mention Kajal Agrawal!

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