Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Am I a virus?

Sometimes I feel as if I am no better than a virus.

  • I need to eat at least three times a day. If one of my meals doesn't happen to be a good one, I start to fret.
  • I need to sleep for 8 hours daily. Sleeping any less makes me worry about my health or makes me feel dizzy.
  • I need love and support of my dear ones from time to time to keep me in good spirits.
  • I need to take a vacation periodically to break the "monotony" of my life.

So, anything which disturbs my daily routine makes me angry. I am a slave of my needs. I am in a prison whose cages are so far off that I can't even see them.

Consequently, I feel that I am free when I am not.

Am I different from a virus?

What value am I adding other than feeding on the meat of my metabolic clock and my so-called "inner-self"?

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