Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Camp

“Don’t forget to share the parathas with your friends”, reminded Mummy as I ran towards the school bus. I said I won’t and waved goodbye with a cute smile. The smile stemmed from the fact that the bus was not going to take me to the school today. We were going for a 2 day camp to kheerpur, a small valley about 250 kms from the bustling city.

I was soon joined by Shraddha and Aparna in the bus. By the time the bus was out of city limits, the vehicle was full of noise and incessant chatting. Mrs Sharma, our English teacher and the chief organizer of the camp divided us into two groups and we began playing antakshari. I was the first one to start singing, which was the usual trend in my class. “Maine churi hai khankayi….” started our game.

“Hum dil de chuke sanam, tere ho gaye hain hum…” sang Dolly. Me and my friends couldn’t bear her voice.

“She shrieks!”

“What a waste of such a beautiful song.”

We just couldn’t stand Dolly. She was too interested in boys and would back-bite about us in front of them.
Soon, Kheerpur arrived. We set up a camp. The teachers organized the 35 girls into groups of 7 each. Each group had to choose a captain. I was happy that Shraddha and Aparna were in my group.

Shikha came running towards us. “Guess what! Dolly is in our group.”

We had 5 separate tents. Each group was supposed to prepare its own food. The day would involve various activities followed by a final program in the evening.

We prepared the dinner with Dolly’s share of zero percent. When Aparna asked her to help us, she calmy replied, “I am not feeling well.” Shraddha, the tomboy of our group wanted to take the matter in her own hands but I stopped her.

“Its better without her.”

Post dinner, we went straight to bed, tired of the journey during the day.

To be continued..

P.S. This story and the subsequent part(s) are inspired by a story I read in class 5. There is no intention of any plagiarism, whatsoever.


  1. very well written, where can i find the other parts? and thanks for checking and commenting my blog :) much appreciated

  2. Thanks for commenting..I am still drafting the second part...Will let u know