Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dhobi Ghat - A description of people's Lives

I recently watched Dhobhi Ghat. By the time the movie ended, I was left wondering whether I was watching a film or peeping into other people's lives!

The film has 3 central characters. They are all of different economic levels. Shai, the protogonist, is an investment banker. In a scene where she is asked what exactly does she do, she replies, "I basically study economic ternds of South Asian economies". Sounds so high society!

Arun is a painter. He is divorced and lives alone. However, he seems to enjoy his loneliness. He paints while listening to classical music and is not really interested in anything else.

Zohaib is dhobi. He is shy and a wannabe actor.

The movie deals with their lives over a small period of time. Astonishingly, their everyday activities are beautifully captured, quite unlikely for a Bollywood film.

My favorite character is Arun whose life has been captured in a very poignant way. I may be saying this because I too spend my life in a similar way and hence could see a sort of mirror image.

Overall, the movie is great. In fact, I'd quote a facebook status of one of my friends: Dhobi Ghat is for movie lovers and not for movie goers. Nice thought!

Here is the official trailer.

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