Monday, December 13, 2010

I want to die

I want to die..

I am waiting for it to come

Like a bride waits for her bridegroom on the aisle

I am awake all the time

So that I don't miss it if it comes knocking on the door.

I know that you should slit your wrist in the direction of the vein and not across

But I want to die a 'natural' death

I am so lazy

Playing a game of hide and seek with death

And in the meantime, living life

Will I make it or will I succumb to the last 'temptation' ?

Will I live my life or will the blade rule ?

I am fighting a monster inside me

I will defeat it

But I am scared that this fight may make me a monster

Lest death comes....


  1. is this supposed to illustrate the bystander effect, since probably a couplle of hundred people read it and no one even went so far as to leave a comment, or are you trying to start a chant for just do it via the concept of de-individuation?
    I guess the poem is a good illustration of either of those ideas. However, if this is sincere, posting it as a contest entry in "you are not so smart" definitely does an amazing job of defusing responsibility of the reader or even getting people to care.

  2. Thanks anonymous for your comment.

    Even I had been perplexed that this poem had not received a single comment despite the fact that it had more than 200 views!

    And yes you got it right..I wrote this poem to urge people to "do something."

    In my opinion, most people who don't achieve anything in their lives are the ones who fail to "do something."

    But then I found that it resonated very well with the bystander effect mentioned in

    Hence, posted it as an entry.

    And am happy to know that you believe this poem could have an effect on people who read it.

    Would like to write more so that it helps people in their lives.

    I'd like to know if you have a blog so that I can get back to you.