Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coffee and Assimilation

About a week back, I went to a restaurant to have some coffee.

I had just ordered a Latte when a westerner came in the hotel.

He sat at a table next to me. A waiter came promptly and served a glass of water.

The man smiled, cleared his throat and then spoke in, hold your breath, Marathi, "Saada pani nakko. Bisleri paani paheje". Loosely translated, it means - "No plain water. Need Bisleri water".

For a moment, the waiter could just gawk. However, the next moment, he went away smiling only to return with a Bisleri bottle.

I looked at the foreigner who smiled at me. I reciprocated.

I was wondering how humans try their level best to assimilate in an environment. I believe it is this quality that has enabled us to spread our footprint on the entire planet.

My trance was broken when the waiter placed a cup of coffee on my table and said, "tumhala coffee".(Your coffee).

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