Monday, December 13, 2010

I want to die

I want to die..

I am waiting for it to come

Like a bride waits for her bridegroom on the aisle

I am awake all the time

So that I don't miss it if it comes knocking on the door.

I know that you should slit your wrist in the direction of the vein and not across

But I want to die a 'natural' death

I am so lazy

Playing a game of hide and seek with death

And in the meantime, living life

Will I make it or will I succumb to the last 'temptation' ?

Will I live my life or will the blade rule ?

I am fighting a monster inside me

I will defeat it

But I am scared that this fight may make me a monster

Lest death comes....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I need to Grow up

I need to Grow up. I don't behave in the way adults do although I am 23 now.

From now on, I will do all these to "Grow Up":

  • Will think before speaking. This means to lie to people.
  • Will maintain good relations with all. This means to speak false things always.
  • Will walk with a straight head on road. This means that I will not help anyone who is in distress and will look the other way.
  • Take things more seriously. This means to think of only oneself and one's family and ignore others.

Please add more to this list so that I can fully grow up.

Coffee and Assimilation

About a week back, I went to a restaurant to have some coffee.

I had just ordered a Latte when a westerner came in the hotel.

He sat at a table next to me. A waiter came promptly and served a glass of water.

The man smiled, cleared his throat and then spoke in, hold your breath, Marathi, "Saada pani nakko. Bisleri paani paheje". Loosely translated, it means - "No plain water. Need Bisleri water".

For a moment, the waiter could just gawk. However, the next moment, he went away smiling only to return with a Bisleri bottle.

I looked at the foreigner who smiled at me. I reciprocated.

I was wondering how humans try their level best to assimilate in an environment. I believe it is this quality that has enabled us to spread our footprint on the entire planet.

My trance was broken when the waiter placed a cup of coffee on my table and said, "tumhala coffee".(Your coffee).

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Caravan - A Narrative Journalism magazine

Journalism is something which we all read in varying degrees in our everyday lives.

Newspapers and magazines constitute a bulk part of it, although the internet has a substantial share these days.

Off late, I have come across a phenomenal magazine. The magazine is in the genre of narrative journalism.

In a short time of about a year, the magazine has carved a niche for itself.

It includes extensive articles about politics, social and cultural points of our society, etc.

It also includes a fiction story in every issue which is my favourite.

To my knowledge, I don’t think there is any magazine in India which caters to this specific genre of narrative journalism which is so well developed in the west.

The contributors to this magazine include Vinod K. Jose, Kajal Basu, Salil Tripathi, etc

The caravan is a monthly magazine and has become a must read for me.

I hope that it becomes a world wide success.