Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kindness and Humans

A friend of mine called me last Sunday evening. He said he wanted to buy a few clothes for Diwali and asked if I was free. I thought I was being offered a choice. Before I could come up with my answer, he said, "See you at 6 near SNDT."

And closed the call.

I crawled out of my bed and after a quick gander at myself, I dressed up.

We went to Pune Central Mall where he looked for clothes and I looked around.

After going through a pile of clothes, he chose one t-shirt. I cursed him.

We went to the billing counter to pay for that solitary garment.

Being a Diwali season, the mall was brimming with people and there was a pretty long queue at the counter.

So, we thought of asking a bespectacled person who was about to get his clothes billed, if he could adjust the t-shirt as well in his bill while we pay him in cash right there.

He gave us a dirty look. He must have cursed us at least 10,000 times.

Reluctantly, he agreed and we were saved from the torture of standing in that serpentine queue.

As I returned to my place, I was left wondering why humans have become so rigid? Why is help so scarce these days?

We had shown that man cash before we asked him to take that t-shirt. Still, he was not ready to help us.

Where have the small acts of kindness gone? The acts which we used to read about in small stories when we were kids.

Have they been reduced to fables?

I am searching for answers.

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