Thursday, October 14, 2010

Water - The object which will be the cause of the 3rd world war

I am writing this post in support of Blog Action. There is an annual event held every year on October 15 where bloggers from around the world join into fight for a cause.

Water is a miraculous object. Something which has been such an intrinsic part of our lives ever since we evolved that many a times we even tend to forget that its in limited amount and needs to be replenished periodically.

We have seen countless people fight and die over water wars in third world countries.

India as a nation faces acute shortage of water in almost all its cities. Wastage of water and no knowledge of water conservation are two primary reasons for this.

Who gets affected because of this shortage? Women are the first and the worst casualty.

In India, where sanitation facility is a privilege few people enjoy, women have to squat in open fields.

What a shame! And then these very women are supposed to collect water from distant wells for cooking and drinking purposes.

Water pollution in turn affects adults and children alike. And in our quest for modernization, we pollute our rivers and oceans with gay abandon.

So what is the solution for all this? Water conservation? But in a country like India where more than 40% of the people live on less than $2 a day, how much civic sense can one expect?

IMHO, water needs to be a fundamental right. Every government must provide water as a right. If people are happy at their homes, then only will they come out and make the world happy.

Lets pledge to make this a reality.

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