Friday, October 22, 2010

The War

The first side

"I will kill them all tomorrow."

"Yes, we will. We will finally finish it once and for all."

"Are you ready with the ammunition?"

"I am fully loaded."

Across the border

"We have concrete information that there is going be an attack from across the border tomorrow."

"Yes, I too came to know about it. Are we ready to handle them?"

"Yes we are. This is our nation and we will never let her be in danger."

"Exactly. The front and side areas are ours. They will only have the rear portions."

"Yes Commander"

The next day the attack was about to be launched when heavy thunderstorm started. Before they could understand, a very intoxicating chemical was sprayed and everyone on both the sides died.


Armaan applied anti-dandruff shampoo on his wet hair not knowing that two "nations" and their warriors(dandruff) had just been wiped out.

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