Saturday, October 9, 2010

Manual Scavenging - II

I wrote about Manual Scavenging in my last post. Its a topic which makes me really sad. Its the height of human degradation.

However, what makes me wonder is how can we treat other humans like this?

I recently read a post in David Mcraney's blog.

In an experiment a group of people sit around a table and are given a few dollars. They are told they can put as much money as they want in the community pot. The pot is doubled, and everyone then gets an equal portion back.
If it’s 10 people and everyone gets $2, and everyone puts in their money, the pot would be $20. It gets doubled to $40 and divided by 10. Everyone gets back $4.
The game proceeds in rounds, and you would think everyone would just put the maximum amount in the pot each time – but they don’t.
Someone usually gets the gist of the game and realizes they can put in very little, or nothing at all, and they will start making more money than everyone else.
If  everyone but you puts in $2, the pot would be $18. Everyone gets back $3.60 – including you, the one who put nothing in at all.

What  this experiment shows that humans have a tendency to hoard as much as possible. They want to collect enough so that they can be at peace about their future.

I believe this trend makes human degrade others.

I am not sure if we can reverse this trend.

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