Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Hidden Message

My last 3 posts viz. The Event, The Birth and The War may seem like works of pure fiction. They were written with an agenda of putting a smile on the reader's lips after knowing the end.

However, there is a hidden message which I wanted to convey through those 3 stories.

The 3 posts showed that there might be many sub systems at work around us. We might be oblivious to them but they exist.

The second post (The Birth) showed a very usual activity of spitting. However, for the saliva, that was his world. He took his surroundings as his world, maybe even planet.

In the larger context, we need to understand that we too might be a part of a larger system. We might be existing as some saliva or dandruff of a larger body.

To human beings, this may seem quaint. This is because we have a tendency to attach a sense of self importance to us. A feeling that we are better than others and more crucially, we "understand" things which appear around us.

Our life span may be a blink in the larger system of which we maybe a part of. Just like in the case of sperm, saliva and dandruff.

The important thing to be noted here is that we should be aware of this fact all the time.

The moment we begin appreciating this fact, we will stop fighting, quarreling and hurting others. We will stop killing over trivial things like temples, mosques, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, etc. The list goes on.

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