Monday, October 11, 2010

The Event - My first attempt at short fiction

The stakes were high for today's event. Everyone was excited. They had been waiting for this spectacle for the last 2 years. The reverberations could be felt very clearly. The time of reckoning had come.

However, not everyone was so enthusiastic. Some said that nothing was going to happen and it would be the same routine this time as well.

"What are you going to bet on?", I asked rather impatiently.

"I am positive".

"Are you kidding me? Even the seniors are saying that nothing is going to happen. It will be all usual".

"Let them say whatever they feel. The chemical results will come out in the evening. Then you will also bet along with me".

Everyone waited with baited breath for the reports to come. If positive, the event would be over. Else, the bets would tear the roof.

"The bets have tripled!".

"I told you so. The reports are negative. The event will happen".

"But the hedges are risky still. The chances of loosing are big. These days such events happen only 1-2 times in our lifetime unlike in the past when more than half a dozen were common".

"I don't care. I am placing all my bets this time".

""OK. Add me as well".

The event had begun.

The bets increased as the news spread like wildfire that even the second test was clear. The "plastic" was not there. But there was very little time remaining.

The pressure had begun. Soon, the participants were lined up. Within a few minutes, orders were fired and and the gate was thrown open. Everyone dashed and crossed over. The rest watched with eyes wide open.

"Hurray! We won". I could not believe myself.

"Yes, it is a great win".


"Its a girl!". Smiled Ravi and Aisha when they saw their child. The sperms inside Ravi were smiling as well as they basked in the glory of their win when the "event" had been successful 9 months ago.

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