Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Birth

I can feel myself. I can feel the warmth around me. I can feel the food around me. It intoxicates me. It instills a sense of dizziness in me.

As time passes by, I increase in size. My growth goes on unhindered.

I am fed properly. Who could have such a wonderful set of parents?

I can hear sounds outside. The talking of people, the playfulness of children, the cries and I can hear some even shouting and quarreling.

I wonder why people are so violent?

When I will be born, I will spread love everywhere.


I think the time has come. I can sense it.

Oh my God! I am being pushed outside.

Will I die? Will I make it?

Will I see the light of the day?

I am almost there.

Oh! there is so much sun shine here.


Ashok spitted saliva on the road and moved on with his friends not knowing he had just given "birth".

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