Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Hidden Message

My last 3 posts viz. The Event, The Birth and The War may seem like works of pure fiction. They were written with an agenda of putting a smile on the reader's lips after knowing the end.

However, there is a hidden message which I wanted to convey through those 3 stories.

The 3 posts showed that there might be many sub systems at work around us. We might be oblivious to them but they exist.

The second post (The Birth) showed a very usual activity of spitting. However, for the saliva, that was his world. He took his surroundings as his world, maybe even planet.

In the larger context, we need to understand that we too might be a part of a larger system. We might be existing as some saliva or dandruff of a larger body.

To human beings, this may seem quaint. This is because we have a tendency to attach a sense of self importance to us. A feeling that we are better than others and more crucially, we "understand" things which appear around us.

Our life span may be a blink in the larger system of which we maybe a part of. Just like in the case of sperm, saliva and dandruff.

The important thing to be noted here is that we should be aware of this fact all the time.

The moment we begin appreciating this fact, we will stop fighting, quarreling and hurting others. We will stop killing over trivial things like temples, mosques, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, etc. The list goes on.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The War

The first side

"I will kill them all tomorrow."

"Yes, we will. We will finally finish it once and for all."

"Are you ready with the ammunition?"

"I am fully loaded."

Across the border

"We have concrete information that there is going be an attack from across the border tomorrow."

"Yes, I too came to know about it. Are we ready to handle them?"

"Yes we are. This is our nation and we will never let her be in danger."

"Exactly. The front and side areas are ours. They will only have the rear portions."

"Yes Commander"

The next day the attack was about to be launched when heavy thunderstorm started. Before they could understand, a very intoxicating chemical was sprayed and everyone on both the sides died.


Armaan applied anti-dandruff shampoo on his wet hair not knowing that two "nations" and their warriors(dandruff) had just been wiped out.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Birth

I can feel myself. I can feel the warmth around me. I can feel the food around me. It intoxicates me. It instills a sense of dizziness in me.

As time passes by, I increase in size. My growth goes on unhindered.

I am fed properly. Who could have such a wonderful set of parents?

I can hear sounds outside. The talking of people, the playfulness of children, the cries and I can hear some even shouting and quarreling.

I wonder why people are so violent?

When I will be born, I will spread love everywhere.


I think the time has come. I can sense it.

Oh my God! I am being pushed outside.

Will I die? Will I make it?

Will I see the light of the day?

I am almost there.

Oh! there is so much sun shine here.


Ashok spitted saliva on the road and moved on with his friends not knowing he had just given "birth".

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Water - The object which will be the cause of the 3rd world war

I am writing this post in support of Blog Action. There is an annual event held every year on October 15 where bloggers from around the world join into fight for a cause.

Water is a miraculous object. Something which has been such an intrinsic part of our lives ever since we evolved that many a times we even tend to forget that its in limited amount and needs to be replenished periodically.

We have seen countless people fight and die over water wars in third world countries.

India as a nation faces acute shortage of water in almost all its cities. Wastage of water and no knowledge of water conservation are two primary reasons for this.

Who gets affected because of this shortage? Women are the first and the worst casualty.

In India, where sanitation facility is a privilege few people enjoy, women have to squat in open fields.

What a shame! And then these very women are supposed to collect water from distant wells for cooking and drinking purposes.

Water pollution in turn affects adults and children alike. And in our quest for modernization, we pollute our rivers and oceans with gay abandon.

So what is the solution for all this? Water conservation? But in a country like India where more than 40% of the people live on less than $2 a day, how much civic sense can one expect?

IMHO, water needs to be a fundamental right. Every government must provide water as a right. If people are happy at their homes, then only will they come out and make the world happy.

Lets pledge to make this a reality.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Event - My first attempt at short fiction

The stakes were high for today's event. Everyone was excited. They had been waiting for this spectacle for the last 2 years. The reverberations could be felt very clearly. The time of reckoning had come.

However, not everyone was so enthusiastic. Some said that nothing was going to happen and it would be the same routine this time as well.

"What are you going to bet on?", I asked rather impatiently.

"I am positive".

"Are you kidding me? Even the seniors are saying that nothing is going to happen. It will be all usual".

"Let them say whatever they feel. The chemical results will come out in the evening. Then you will also bet along with me".

Everyone waited with baited breath for the reports to come. If positive, the event would be over. Else, the bets would tear the roof.

"The bets have tripled!".

"I told you so. The reports are negative. The event will happen".

"But the hedges are risky still. The chances of loosing are big. These days such events happen only 1-2 times in our lifetime unlike in the past when more than half a dozen were common".

"I don't care. I am placing all my bets this time".

""OK. Add me as well".

The event had begun.

The bets increased as the news spread like wildfire that even the second test was clear. The "plastic" was not there. But there was very little time remaining.

The pressure had begun. Soon, the participants were lined up. Within a few minutes, orders were fired and and the gate was thrown open. Everyone dashed and crossed over. The rest watched with eyes wide open.

"Hurray! We won". I could not believe myself.

"Yes, it is a great win".


"Its a girl!". Smiled Ravi and Aisha when they saw their child. The sperms inside Ravi were smiling as well as they basked in the glory of their win when the "event" had been successful 9 months ago.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A first hand experience with Kindle

I recently used kindle for the first time in my life. The device was amazing. I felt I was almost reading on paper.

Its an amazing product. The view was sharp. The pages were easier to turn and the overall experience was good.

I believe that e-book readers would become a norm in about 10 years and we will shed whatever inhibitions we have about such devices.

Maybe we can start constructing museums which will showcase how we used to read on paper :)

Manual Scavenging - II

I wrote about Manual Scavenging in my last post. Its a topic which makes me really sad. Its the height of human degradation.

However, what makes me wonder is how can we treat other humans like this?

I recently read a post in David Mcraney's blog.

In an experiment a group of people sit around a table and are given a few dollars. They are told they can put as much money as they want in the community pot. The pot is doubled, and everyone then gets an equal portion back.
If it’s 10 people and everyone gets $2, and everyone puts in their money, the pot would be $20. It gets doubled to $40 and divided by 10. Everyone gets back $4.
The game proceeds in rounds, and you would think everyone would just put the maximum amount in the pot each time – but they don’t.
Someone usually gets the gist of the game and realizes they can put in very little, or nothing at all, and they will start making more money than everyone else.
If  everyone but you puts in $2, the pot would be $18. Everyone gets back $3.60 – including you, the one who put nothing in at all.

What  this experiment shows that humans have a tendency to hoard as much as possible. They want to collect enough so that they can be at peace about their future.

I believe this trend makes human degrade others.

I am not sure if we can reverse this trend.