Sunday, August 1, 2010

Social Media and Web 2.0

I have been reading a lot about the social media revolution and how it is transforming lives of millions of people around the globe. Apart from helping people, it is also helping companies. In fact, one of the questions which have been troubling organizations a lot these days is how to use Social media? They are trying hard not to be left behind. Some people even say that we have not fully understood social networking and need to understand it better, to use it better.

For people in general, social media has surely transformed lives. But in what way? Stories abound of people checking their twitter account before even getting off their beds. Rushing to update their facebook status after returning from a party. Do these examples suggest we are getting drowned in social media. What are we making of our selves? Only feeding our voyeuristic ambitions? Or is this a cynic talking? Can't you see the obvious difference it has made to our lives, you moron.

I may not know as of now. It will benefit people and the world. I am sure of this. What I am not sure of are the side-effects. Will the side-effects create such a monster that it will be impossible to tame? Let us wait for light at the end of the tunnel to know.

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