Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 reasons why Tom Hanks' starer "Cast Away" will never be made in India

5 reasons why Tom Hanks' starer "Cast Away" will never be made in India:

1. A man forced to live with no food for 4 years on an isolated island! Heck, 400 million Indians live like that for their entire lives.

2. No water to drink for 4 years! No water again for 400 million Indians for their entire lives.

3. No shelter for 4 years. Millions of Indians live and sleep on roads for their entire lives.

4. No one to talk to for 4 years. Millions of dalits and lower castes live their life in isolation like that.

5. And last but not the least, who in India has the ability to play the character of Chuck Noland(Played by Tom Hanks)?

So, why make a movie on a topic which is already the story of more than 400 million Indians?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An innocent comment by my cousin

"Sariiiiiiii..........", said my 11 year old cousin sister when I asked what her favorite dress was.

"And what about your friends?"

"I have lots of them!!". Ashish, Sanjay, Swati, Rahul, Priyanka,....She continued even before I could ask what their names were.

"And all of them are wary of me because I am the topper".

"Great!". "How much percentage did you get?", I asked.


I gawked. I could count on my fingers the number of times I had crossed the 90s in my academic career. This young child was getting 95 plus since she started attending school. And she was in Class 6th when I was speaking to her.

After treating her with a chocolate, we chatted a little more. She talked to me like a cute doll which she was.

Sometimes, I wonder how simple things make children so happy.

As I was about to return  from her place, I asked about whether she has friends in other sections.

"Yes, I have  many from other sections also."


"But no one from E section."


"Because the topper of that section has got only 92 percent marks." She said as a matter of fact.

I waved her good bye and returned. While returning, I was wondering what have we made of our young generation? Where are they going?

The craving for marks has reached unsurmountable levels. A maze so complex that it has gone beyond the comprehension of humans.

I was only imagining the poor plight of that 92% guy. To whom no one was ready to talk because he got only 92% marks.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Social Media and Web 2.0

I have been reading a lot about the social media revolution and how it is transforming lives of millions of people around the globe. Apart from helping people, it is also helping companies. In fact, one of the questions which have been troubling organizations a lot these days is how to use Social media? They are trying hard not to be left behind. Some people even say that we have not fully understood social networking and need to understand it better, to use it better.

For people in general, social media has surely transformed lives. But in what way? Stories abound of people checking their twitter account before even getting off their beds. Rushing to update their facebook status after returning from a party. Do these examples suggest we are getting drowned in social media. What are we making of our selves? Only feeding our voyeuristic ambitions? Or is this a cynic talking? Can't you see the obvious difference it has made to our lives, you moron.

I may not know as of now. It will benefit people and the world. I am sure of this. What I am not sure of are the side-effects. Will the side-effects create such a monster that it will be impossible to tame? Let us wait for light at the end of the tunnel to know.

Can two women really become friends?

Can two women really become friends?

Two girls may bond extremely well with each other but in the dark recesses of their heart and mind, they always fear that the other girl may be backstabbing her, planning to deceit her or even worse, trying to be her!

Would welcome response from people.