Friday, April 2, 2010

Classical music

Finally, I got some time to write about. I would rather love to write about my new found indulgences. Off late, I have started listening to classical music. And I must tell you, its awesome. The kind of satisfaction you get while listening to this kind of music is indescribable. And the peace of mind! Initially, I have started with instrumentals only as I feel I am not in a position to appreciate real voices of stalwarts like Pt. Jasraj. After listening to this kind of music, I feel the current film music is crap, something not even worth talking about, barring a few exceptions.
I have decided that I will be building my collection slowly and steadily over the years. and try to appreciate this music. 
What I am worried about is that this kind of music is fast losing its space, particularly in India, which should be a matter of concern. Its here that this music originated. If things don't improve, then we may soon be listening to something which would have become extinct.