Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life on the edge

Life can be really fast, particularly if you stay in a city. And it can be dangerous. The recent news of a drunk NRI woman speeding into a police jeep killing a policeman and a biker testifies the fact that Indian roads are not safe. But I feel that there is another dimension to this. The first question which comes to my mind is that why people do such things in the first place? What makes them drive on the roads in an inebriated condition? Or for that matter, do anything which is illegal and could have dangerous repercussions not only on their lives but also on others. I surmise the real reason lies in the deep rooted human trait of craving for importance. The quench to be known and noticed by people. Appreciated by people. And in a country like India where rules are meant to be broken, this trait gets all the oxygen that is needed to break them.