Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Malls and poor people

Shopping malls - The new shining toys which the urban cities of India love to flaunt. "O nahi ji! bachho ko na mahine may 1 bar wo vasant vihar wale mall se shopping na karao na to ruth jate hain". The proof of India's growth. Whenever I go to a shopping mall, I invariably come across a certain kind of people. Its usually a family consisting of a couple and 1-2 children. They come from the lower strata of our society - plumbers, rickshaw pullers, security guards, etc. They come to the malls with wide eyes, looking everywhere as if they have reached heaven. The children tug into their mother's saree and ask for something. The mother quickly hushes them up. The cool breeze of the AC blankets their pale faces. They watch other "capable" people shopping in the malls, trying new things and buying things on their will. The look on their faces reflect the tears of their heart. With a big sigh, they leave the mall empty handed.

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