Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alone on the road

Ever since I came to this new city, I have been fulfiling  my dreams. Low waist jeans, canvas shoes, expensive shirts, watches, laptop, expensive coffee, etc. have been some of my indulgences. Armed with these fulfilments, when I walk alone on a road, I feel a strange sense of hollowness in me. These were the very things I was crazy about a year ago. I just could not stop drooling about them. The day I became capable of buying these things, I went crazy. But once I got all these, I felt no happiness. I feel good when I am using these things and my friends appreciate them or when people on road observe my style. I can easily make out. But I feel something amiss. And its not that I am yearning for something more. I don't want a better pair of jeans or a more expensive watch. I actually don't want anything of it. As I write this, the sun is about to rise and another day will begin in this part of the world. Another thousand feelings and some more dreams, only to be followed by a sense of hollowness. The kind of hollowness which has the capability of eating you from the inside.

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