Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sharing a flat with bachelors

Its has been almost 18 months since I started working in this new city. None of my friends from college came to this city. Hence, I had to share a flat with some other people. Living a life like this has taught me quite a few lessons. One of them is the human nature of usurping resources. Who lives in the master bedroom, who fills water, who gets the sundry things like dishwasher, soap, etc for the house are not discussed. Its just that some guys do all these things all the time and some just ignore. Some guys are so immersed in their private lives that they hardly talk to other people in the flat. Its a strange way of living. Deep inside, no one wants to see the face of anybody. But everyone has to bear this as they have to share the rent. Its not possible to live alone as the rent is too high.
         It has also taught me a few things like managing people. Quite a few times you have to push down people's throats their duties. You have to tell them that sharing money is not all. One has to chip in with some time of ones as well. Oh God! Scarcity of resources at micro level. Isn't this the same thing when nations fight about land, water, profits, climate emissions, etc?

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