Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dark secrets - II

I talked about secrets in my previous post. These are incidents in people's life which they don't want anyone to know. However, there are some secrets which become so unbearable to keep to oneself that one is forced to reveal them all to someone one knows. An example will illustrate this. Woody Allen's movie Matchpoint has a scene in which the protagonist is not able to keep his extra-marital affair to himself any more and finally confides it to his close friend. Sometimes, we get a very strong urge to tell something to others. Its like clearing out some kind of garbage from the inside of oneself. What fuels such a desire? My take is that people are ready to part with only those secrets which even if they become known to the world would not harm their personality. These people would still be considered "normal". Those type of dark secrets are most tightly held to heart which if exposed might shake their image of being normal. The set of behaviours which makes them a part of this society and not an outsider. Did I make sense? Even I don't know....

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