Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apocalypse as a thought

Off late, we have seen many people predicting apocalypses. End of the world.

It has been described in various forms such as the earth being struck by a meteorite, global warming playing havoc, machines taking over the human race, etc.

What has prompted me to think is that why do humans think of something so destructive like this?

Is there really any need for the human race to be completely wiped off and then start afresh?

I guess humans are really fed up of the way world is shaping up.

They feel this society with all its wrong doings and wars is worth being destroyed. But there is something else to this.

The feeling of the world being destroyed completely panders to the deep longing for death inside every human being .

We may be afraid of death. However, life with all its intricacies makes humans long for death.

To be wiped off. I feel every human being's final wish would be to die.

But then one can't say that I want to die. Because then you would be labelled a coward (Oh! this society).

So, a better option is to take others with you to the death gallows and announce an apocalypse.

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