Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Prestige

Watched the hollywood thriller "The Prestige" yesterday. The movie was directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman series, Memento). Its a movie which talks about the rivalry between two magicians(Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale). Here is the wiki link The Prestige .
              The best part about this movie is the unfolding of secrets. The way this has been handled is awesome.  It makes you wonder how the director pulled it off. Of course, the movie is backed by amazing performances by the leading actors. The movie also highlights the various vices in humans such as ego, jealousy, etc. I must say the movie has carved a niche for itself(At least in my heart). I love this film. Go, catch a DVD today.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This blogging has really started to take a pretty decent amount of my time these days. I am on blog searching spree. Ok let this blog be a tweet !

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sharing a flat with bachelors

Its has been almost 18 months since I started working in this new city. None of my friends from college came to this city. Hence, I had to share a flat with some other people. Living a life like this has taught me quite a few lessons. One of them is the human nature of usurping resources. Who lives in the master bedroom, who fills water, who gets the sundry things like dishwasher, soap, etc for the house are not discussed. Its just that some guys do all these things all the time and some just ignore. Some guys are so immersed in their private lives that they hardly talk to other people in the flat. Its a strange way of living. Deep inside, no one wants to see the face of anybody. But everyone has to bear this as they have to share the rent. Its not possible to live alone as the rent is too high.
         It has also taught me a few things like managing people. Quite a few times you have to push down people's throats their duties. You have to tell them that sharing money is not all. One has to chip in with some time of ones as well. Oh God! Scarcity of resources at micro level. Isn't this the same thing when nations fight about land, water, profits, climate emissions, etc?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Blogs I follow

Haven't posted in a long time. Really busy with my exams. Off late, I have been on a blog adding spree. Just search for blogs and start following those I like. I like to read common people's blogs and not of celebrities. Blogs written by people about life, society, etc. Particularly in a dark way. It smells of their frustration. Their inability to work upon things. Sometimes these dark things become inspiration for others. The world really works in a strange way ! One person's loss is another's gain.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Apocalypse as a thought

Off late, we have seen many people predicting apocalypses. End of the world.

It has been described in various forms such as the earth being struck by a meteorite, global warming playing havoc, machines taking over the human race, etc.

What has prompted me to think is that why do humans think of something so destructive like this?

Is there really any need for the human race to be completely wiped off and then start afresh?

I guess humans are really fed up of the way world is shaping up.

They feel this society with all its wrong doings and wars is worth being destroyed. But there is something else to this.

The feeling of the world being destroyed completely panders to the deep longing for death inside every human being .

We may be afraid of death. However, life with all its intricacies makes humans long for death.

To be wiped off. I feel every human being's final wish would be to die.

But then one can't say that I want to die. Because then you would be labelled a coward (Oh! this society).

So, a better option is to take others with you to the death gallows and announce an apocalypse.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dark secrets - II

I talked about secrets in my previous post. These are incidents in people's life which they don't want anyone to know. However, there are some secrets which become so unbearable to keep to oneself that one is forced to reveal them all to someone one knows. An example will illustrate this. Woody Allen's movie Matchpoint has a scene in which the protagonist is not able to keep his extra-marital affair to himself any more and finally confides it to his close friend. Sometimes, we get a very strong urge to tell something to others. Its like clearing out some kind of garbage from the inside of oneself. What fuels such a desire? My take is that people are ready to part with only those secrets which even if they become known to the world would not harm their personality. These people would still be considered "normal". Those type of dark secrets are most tightly held to heart which if exposed might shake their image of being normal. The set of behaviours which makes them a part of this society and not an outsider. Did I make sense? Even I don't know....