Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The world's end

The movie 2012 has just been released and you can bet on some pretty good graphics and special effects. However, I am compelled to think that if such a thing ever occurs during our lifetime, what will be our reaction? We will certainly try to save ourselves but I doubt we will be able to withstand nature's fury. Nature is much more powerful than anything on planet earth. And man is helpless in front of it. So, what will be life-like after such an event? Will it be as we know or will it take an entirely new dimension? I hope we have something different. I don't want the same hierarchy again. Animals followed by human beings and then wars and more wars and more wars.....Sometimes I feel the word history should be re-named war or death or destruction or blood....Life is sweet for a lucky few of us but for a majority of us, its an apocalypse everyday....

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