Sunday, November 29, 2009

Can life be defined?

Great people have tried to define life.

Tried to paint it according to their understanding. However, it has been a common observation that the common man always had little to do with these philosophies. And this has been true ever since humans formed a society.

There is always that "middle class" which is too occupied with its vagaries of life.

As of now, I feel that life in this world has become so complicated that defining it in some words is simply not plausible. It involves a lot of hues and shades of grey.

And may not be necessarily black and white.

I am reminded of a line in a song from the movie Dus which says that jeena to marne se ab hai kahi mushkil (Its is easier to die than live these days).

Of course, this does not extend to say that life is dull, boring and difficult. Life is a drama( See I am defining it!).

One has to play one's part earnestly and leave( This one comes from the holy book of Hindus - Gita). Enjoy baby !

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