Monday, November 30, 2009

Dark secrets

Everyone's life has some dark secrets.

These secrets can be of the most weird types. So weird, people even avoid recollecting them, let alone tell to anyone.

In fact, they send shivers down people's spine. Illicit relationships are the most common secrets. These relationships might not be long term.

They may just one-off incidents. But they have a lasting imprint on people's minds.

One can't just wipe them off. We live with these secrets forever. Forever. It gives me goosebumps.

There are so many elements of life in this world that are hidden so much. So much darkness.

But the paradox is everyone wants to pretend that life is very bright.
I too don't have the courage to bare my secrets. At least not now.

The cocoon is too thick. The cocoon that the world starts building on you the day you are born.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Can life be defined?

Great people have tried to define life.

Tried to paint it according to their understanding. However, it has been a common observation that the common man always had little to do with these philosophies. And this has been true ever since humans formed a society.

There is always that "middle class" which is too occupied with its vagaries of life.

As of now, I feel that life in this world has become so complicated that defining it in some words is simply not plausible. It involves a lot of hues and shades of grey.

And may not be necessarily black and white.

I am reminded of a line in a song from the movie Dus which says that jeena to marne se ab hai kahi mushkil (Its is easier to die than live these days).

Of course, this does not extend to say that life is dull, boring and difficult. Life is a drama( See I am defining it!).

One has to play one's part earnestly and leave( This one comes from the holy book of Hindus - Gita). Enjoy baby !

Eyes speak more than tongue

I know this topic is a staple dialogue in romantic bollywood movies. But the correctness of this statement really astonishes me. Eyes do speak a lot. And they also tell the unspoken. I think human society started with eye language first of all. Eyes have the capability of carrying emotions of all types. And the various words we have for the ways we look....glance, peek, etc. However, eyes can do much more than this. They can tear, rip, pledge, contemplate, beg and what not. Just a simple observation in a party will give one an insight into the world of eyes. Games eyes play ! I guess life could have been much simpler if we had only eyes to talk with.
My eyes are getting tired now. Will post later.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My motorokr E6

It was the fall of 2007 when I had bought my motorokr E6. I wasn't sure about anything about the phone except that it was touch-screen phone. I took some time to understand the functionality of the phone and then realised why the general public avoids motorola phones! After playing with the phones for a few weeks, I started to get restless. For, I wanted to tweak it but couldn't. I could not change its theme. The wallpaper transparency was too irritating, etc. Soon, I was wondering whether I had made the right decision. I started surfing for anything related to motorola phones and soon realised that there is something in the web domain called "modding". It took me some time to get the hang of it. Then, my tryst started with What followed in the coming days was pure madness. For the next one month, I was hardly sleeping for more than 4-5 hours. All I could think of was modding my phone. That I had my semesters going on did not help.
Now, a time has come when I can safely say that I will never buy any phone which cannot be modded. Of course, that does not mean it has to be motorola only. Google's android has made me keep my finger's crossed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Old age and hard-ships

Although there are a lot of things in this world which make my heart cringe, one particular thing stands out. Its old people. Everyday I travel by bus. And I see old people travelling in the bus. Standing when they aren't lucky enough to get a seat. Old couples sweating out under the scorching sun. These people worked hard all their lives. They went to jobs everyday, provided for their families and worked hard. Why then are they struggling in this part of their life now? Shouldn't they be enjoying their lives sipping coke and doing all those things they wanted to do? A young person works hard in his life. But when he is not capable of working hard, is he supposed to wither away? It should be the duty of the state to take very good care of its senior citizens. They worked hard all their lives, paid taxes and now are forced to live hard lives. Although the state already provides a lot of benefits to them and I know its not possible for the state to provide a chauffeur driven car for every senior citizen. However, we all understand that things can be improved.
Lets forget the economics. Just think about a person who is young now and imagine 30-40 years down the line. Trudging at every step....I don't have any satisfactory answer as of now. Maybe I will get it someday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The world's end

The movie 2012 has just been released and you can bet on some pretty good graphics and special effects. However, I am compelled to think that if such a thing ever occurs during our lifetime, what will be our reaction? We will certainly try to save ourselves but I doubt we will be able to withstand nature's fury. Nature is much more powerful than anything on planet earth. And man is helpless in front of it. So, what will be life-like after such an event? Will it be as we know or will it take an entirely new dimension? I hope we have something different. I don't want the same hierarchy again. Animals followed by human beings and then wars and more wars and more wars.....Sometimes I feel the word history should be re-named war or death or destruction or blood....Life is sweet for a lucky few of us but for a majority of us, its an apocalypse everyday....